Meeks Environmental Services – Pelham Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Services

If you own a home in Pelham, you understand that there’s a lot to take care of on a day to day basis and many other things that need to be managed from time to time.  One of those more periodic responsibilities of owning a home is taking care of your septic tank.  Few people ever see the septic tank, and frankly, the less time you spend around it or even thinking about it, the better.  Regardless, it is an important part of your home and you need to service it to avoid serious problems and unpleasant experiences.  What you need is a local residential septic tank pumping service that takes this worry off your hands completely.  You’ll have just that if you work with Meeks Environmental Services.

Why Your Septic Tank Is Important

Your septic tank is important because it helps remove the solid waste that comes from your home.  All of your plumbing fixtures, including your washing machine, your sinks, your showers and tubs and your toilets are hooked into a pipe that drains directly into your septic tank, which usually sits underground. 

The septic tank receives both liquid and solid waste from this pipe and separates them.  The liquid is drained out into the field lines, where it’s treated by the soil and it ultimately finds the groundwater.  The solid waste settles in the tank, where it decomposes over time with the help of bacteria and enzymes.  Ultimately, this solid waste transforms into sludge, and over time accumulates.  That’s why you need your septic tank pumped from time to time.

What Happens Without Septic Tank Pumping?

Anything that collects waste needs to be emptied and cleaned out periodically.  Have you ever let your garbage can sit for too long without taking it to the curb?  Have you ever forgotten to run your garbage disposal for a few days?  It’s a similar concept with your septic tank.  If you’re unsure of the last time you had a septic tank cleaning, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your toilet and/or tub gurgle a bit when flushing?
  2. Do you notice an odor coming from your toilets and sinks?
  3. Is there a part of your lawn that’s inexplicably greener than the rest of your yard?

Any of these could be signs that it’s not only time, but potentially past time for a septic tank pumping. 

Contact Meeks Environmental Services

Meeks Environmental Services has been serving the homeowners and businesses in the Pelham area for more than 60 years.  We don’t just provide septic tank pumping; we provide the full suite of septic tank services.  We’ll find out when you last had your tank pumped and we’ll keep track of when it’s time to do this again, so you don’t have yet another thing to keep up with. If you’d like to eliminate septic tank worries, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.