Meeks Environmental Services – Septic Tank Pumping in Alabaster

There are a lot of components to homes and other buildings that people don’t necessarily see or deal with on a regular basis that are nonetheless critically important.  The septic tank is one of these components.  Like anything else, the septic tank needs to be properly maintained and kept in good repair in order to avoid potentially serious and expensive problems that arise due to neglect.  Specifically, septic tanks need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  If you live in the Alabaster area, you need to work with an environmental services company that understands how to handle septic tank cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about it.  You need to work with Meeks Environmental Services.

What Is the Purpose of a Septic Tank?

When people live in a home, the waste that is generated needs to go somewhere, as it can’t simply be dumped outside untreated.  Drains from fixtures in a home, such as sinks, bathtubs, washers and toilets, funnel to a central pipe that ultimately leads to the septic tank.  The septic tank then works to separate the solid from the liquid that comes with it.  The clarified liquid then is sent through a pipe into the field lines where it is naturally treated further before percolating through the soil and into the groundwater. The solid waste is another story.  It’s collected in the bottom of the tank, and nature basically runs its course in a contained environment.  Enzymes and bacteria that come with the solid waste – and some that are already present in the tank – work to break down this solid material until it’s basically sludge.  Over time, the amount of sludge rises to the point where clarification can’t happen.  Before it’s completely filled, the septic tank needs cleaning to prevent sludge from getting into the field lines.

Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

All septic tanks eventually fill with sludge, and signs that this has happened include:

  • You begin to notice odors emanating from your fixtures.
  • Your lawn becomes abnormally green near the tank.
  • Standing water accumulates on your property.

Eventually, the worst-case, tell-tale sign that septic tank cleaning is necessary is that sewage will begin to back up in your home.

 Why Meeks Environmental Services?

Meeks Environmental Services has been handling septic tank cleaning and pumping in Alabaster residences for more than 60 years.  In addition to six decades of experience in central Alabama, we also help you manage your septic system by keeping track of your septic tank pumping records and tracking your system so that we can clean it before you encounter these unpleasant problems that carry their own unforeseen expenses with them.  If you’re ready to have trusted, experienced professionals handle your septic tank system for you in Alabaster, contact Meeks Environmental Services today to find out how we can help you.