Meeks Environmental Services – Mountain Brook Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

Living in a home means managing a lot of different things.  On any given day, one or more of the innumerable aspects of home ownership can arise and force you to deal with it or them.  Of all that can go wrong in a home, perhaps the most unpleasant for several reasons is the backup and/or overflow of your septic tank.  Not only do sewage backups create a foul odor, but the cleanup is expensive and involved.  You can avoid all of this by contacting Meeks Environmental Services.  We have been providing septic tank cleaning services to the people of Mountain Brook since 1970. 

Below is a brief overview of what a septic tank does, why it needs to be pumped out and warning signs that could indicate that it’s time to get your septic tank pumping done.

What a Septic Tank Does

If you ever stop to think about it, every person generates a lot of waste, and quite a bit of that waste is sent down different drains in your home.  Your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers and washing machines all generate different types of waste, and all of it is sent through a pipe to one location.  That location is your septic tank.  Your septic tank handles the entire household’s waste load, which adds up quickly when you consider all the times in a day your toilets flush, your showers run, your sinks and washing machines drain. 

The septic tank accepts this waste from the pipe in your home where the solids settle to the bottom.  The liquid is sent onto your property underground through the field lines where the naturally occurring bacteria in the soil purifies the effluent, eventually rejoins the groundwater.  The solid waste is held in the septic tank where enzymes and bacteria break it down into sludge.  This sludge builds up over time, and eventually your tank will fill.  This is when it’s time for septic tank cleaning.  In addition, septic tank cleaning is a good idea for obvious environmental reasons. 

Signs to Watch For

If you haven’t had a septic tank pumping service done on your home for some time now, you should watch for the following warning signs that your tank may need pumping:

  1. Dark green patches are appearing on your lawn.
  2. Your toilets and/or tubs gurgle and bubble when you try to flush/drain them.
  3. You’re noticing an odor around your home, particularly where there are drains.

Any of these signs could indicate that your septic tank may need pumping.  Even if you don’t notice any of these potential problems, you should still get your tank pumped out if it’s been awhile since it was last done. 

How Meeks Environmental Services Can Help

Meeks Environmental Services has been providing septic tank pumping services in Mountain Brook since 1970.  We’ve handled all types of homes, as well as some commercial and municipal work, so our level of expertise is more than equipped to help you.  We also encourage our customers to work with us on a regular schedule of pumping as preventative care that will minimize concerns about overflows.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.